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About Family Catechism

The Family Catechism is an initiative that has been formed by members of the faithful especially parents. It is aimed at supplementing the instruction parents and children need in the faith while building a stronger sense of community. It was felt, by parents, that it would be possible to provide additional teaching, which would increase their children’s knowledge of the Roman Catholic faith, and that this deeper knowledge would bring a corresponding attraction and commitment to the faith. The desire is to create an initiative that they could derive encouragement from seeing many, diverse families putting into practice the Church’s teaching in the daily circumstances of their lives and by proxy strengthen their own faith and commitment.

It is not meant to be a babysitting service. This means the parents are present while their children are in classes. It is our hope that the contribution of parents’ comments, experience and involvement, in their own study will infuse the initiative with warmth and light and lend credibility to the project in the children’s eyes.

To ensure that interest is kept up and to foster the love of culture and broaden horizons we will dedicate some time to fun social events, outreach within the community and maybe the possibility of service projects.

It is important to understand that this initiative is not an idea created by or aimed at a few intellectuals or some more proactive parents but has come about for all Christian families who are inspired by Pope John Paul II’s exhortation to all Christians, ”to build the civilization of love.”

It has always been the message that parents be encouraged to re-assume their primary responsibility in establishing the unity of the family and homes to reconstruct the Christian social order that is so necessary today.

In all matters the magisterial teaching of the Church will be the final arbiter of all activities carried out. Personal opinions are always to be treated as such. Criticism of other bodies, such as religious or educational authorities should be avoided as such action is unproductive and would counteract the intention of building community.

Contact Us: info@familycatechism.ca