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What is Family Catechism?
Family Catechism is a community venture, organized and carried out by parents, instructing their children in the fundamental truths of their faith.

What is the purpose of Family Catechism?
By means of actual effort on the part of the parents, Family Catechism intends to enhance the role of the parents and the unity of the family by increasing the knowledge of the faith they hold in common.

How will the Family Catechism work, what are the logistics?
Typically the group will meet on the specified dates (See Calendar) the idea is to try to have classes every second Saturday where it makes sense.

Who should be interested in the Family Catechism?

Parents who want to nurture in their children a clear understanding, active practice and love for the faith. Anyone who sees the need to reinforce the credibility of the parents as the first educators of their children

Who can take part in the Family Catechism?
Any well disposed person can take part in the initiative. People with grown children can take part in the study group or help with the project



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